Elderly Beneficiary – Evelesi Gomani

Evelesi Gomani, one of Ayileche’s Elderly Beneficiaries

Problems Faced

Eighty-one year old Evelesi Gomani is one of our beneficiaries. She is married and has had little education. She lives with her husband, 83-year-old Mr. John Gomani, next door to her only child, her son-in-law and their six children. Because Mr. Gomani has not been able to financially contribute to the household since he was laid off as a security guard in the 1990s, the couple face many difficulties and uncertainties about the future. Evelesi helps raise her grandchildren because, not only is her daughter’s house too small to accommodate her large family, but also her son-in-law’s paltry income selling fried potatoes at the local market is too meagre to support his family.

The Gomanis’ have a small patch of land on which they are able to farm and have supported themselves thus far. However, as they become older, farming becomes more difficult for the elderly couple. Additionally, the land often cannot produce an adequate supply of vegetables and cereals to feed the couple and their extended family.

How Ayileche Helps

Ayileche CBO currently only accepts one beneficiary per family as our funds are limited and, by selecting a single beneficiary from each family, we are able to impact a larger number of people. Currently, Evelesi receives a monthly food hamper filled with food and everyday essentials. In the future, we plan to monitor the condition of her house to make sure it stays in a habitable condition for the family.

We appreciate any donations.



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