About Ayileche CBO

Ayileche is a Malawian registered Community Based Organisation (CBO) which is located in Napwanga Village, Traditional Authority Mlumbe in Zomba District, Malawi. This organisation was established in 2009 and was originally formed as part of a community outreach program for those communities surrounding Napwanga Village.

Map of Malawi with Zomba District Highlighted Red

Map of Malawi with Zomba District Highlighted Red

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. The World Bank established that people who live on less than $1 per day are in extreme poverty. The systemic causes and consequences of extreme poverty include hunger, lack of shelter, illiteracy, child mortality, joblessness, political powerlessness and poor or nonexistent healthcare. Zomba is one of the 26 districts of Malawi. It is located in the southern region of the country and is home to a diverse population of ethnic communities. The district covers an area of 2,580 km2 and has a population of 583,167 as of the 2008 census. 80% of the population live in the rural areas, 95% of that population is illiterate.



Our small group started raising funds in 2009. Our main challenge is to cope with high number of Malaria and HIV cases in the area and try to reduce the impact of these devastating diseases which are still one of the most responsible for deaths in Malawi.

In order to cover the costs of our prospective clinic, school and supplies, we will fundraise and apply for grants and funding. We will accept donations at any time. Donations can be made by mail or via our website at http://www.ayileche.com . All further information can be found there as well.



Ayileche CBO was inspired by the late Mr Creighton Isaac Mkondiwa (1925-2008) who was passionate about helping the vulnerable. We wish to continue his legacy.



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