The Houses Being Constructed at Napwanga Village

Primary School in Napwanga Village

Napwanga Village, a poor village in Zomba, is the home of several of our elderly and disabled recipients. One of the problems our beneficiaries face is living in substandard housing. As a result, one of the things our organization does is build and repair housing.

Inside of one of the simple-structure houses at Napwanga Village

So far, Ayileche has been able to build ten houses for the elderly and the disabled. The structures are very basic: either one- or two-rooms and with no running water or electricity fixtures as is the norm in the area. The houses consist of a clay brick building and are topped by a corrugated metal roof panels.

Two of our volunteers surveying a clay brick house being built at Napwanga Village

Most of our housing budget goes into improving existing housing structures. For example, some houses need corrugated roofs installed in order to prevent leaking during the rainy season. Also, some walls and floors need to be fixed and plastered.

Newly-constructed house at Napwanga Village

The newly-constructed house of one of our elderly beneficiaries, Flora Jeremiya

In the future, we would like to build more houses to assist people in need. We anticipate the cost of renovating and building these new houses to range from USD$300- USD$1,500. We will rely on donor’s funds to do so.

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